Saturday, August 17, 2013

Confederate Reunion Grounds, Mexia, Texas

All the work to our coach was finished and we even got the coach updated from a 30 amp unit to a 50 amp unit - YEA!!!  Now I will not have to worry so much about how much I have running and will have both AC on at the same time!!

The coach was loaded, the truck was hooked up and the dogs settled so off we headed to Mexia and the Confederate Reunion Grounds.  We were on the road about an hour and ran in to the worst rainstorm we have ever been in coach.  Fred was having a hard time seeing the road and I checked the radar and realized we would be in this rain all the way to Mexia.  So onward we trucked as we were expected.
Thanks to the rain the 4 hour trip took us almost 6 hours but we made it.  When we drove into the Reunion Grounds the first thing said to us was they were wondering if we were going to make due to the rain.  Fortunately the rain had slowed down and we were shown back to the location for our coach.  Nice cement slab with a picnic table and all the fix'in needed for a great setup.  It took us about at least three moves of the coach until we found a spot where the satellite would pick up stations as we have lots of trees all around us.  We finally found the right spot and started getting everything setup.  It was Friday evening and we were told to take the weekend to look around, get settled in and we could start on Monday.  The location is really nice and we felt like we were back at our house that was on 4 acres in the woods.  The dogs were happy and were really enjoying running around again.
Saturday we got settled in and met the other park host - Jim and Barbara Weeks.  They have been here since last November and really know the site well.  Fred and I took a mule (4-wheeler) out and Jim & Barbara took us for a tour around the place and explained some of the things to us.  There is about 80 acres here and the place has to be kept up - mowing, weedeating, planting new trees and/or flowers, watering, mulching, cleanup and bug/ant control.  There is just the two park host here - us and them - and the grounds supervisor are the only ones on ground.  The grounds supervisor leaves on Friday so the two of us are responsible for the site and its security after 5:00 and on the weekends.  The site is open 8-5 everyday and we open and close the gates accordingly.  Fred and I are on duty on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays and the Weeks are on duty Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  We are only required to put in 24 hours per week, but as we are finding we do more than the 24 hours even just being on duty just 3 days a week.  I have been trained to work the office and POS system within the Texas Historical Park system; Fred is working the grounds and we are keeping very busy.  We are loving the peace and quiet here and each evening we just sit outside to coach with Jim and Barbara and have great conversation and relax. 

Oh yea the dogs are so happy and are really enjoying the place; like I said earlier it is a lot like being back at our old home.  The weeks have two small dogs and our three are enjoying playing with them.  We take all 5 dogs out for a run each evening around the grounds a dusk and it quite a site to watch them run.  After the run they crash for the night. 

It looks like our second place for workamping ended up being a winner!!