Thursday, December 5, 2013

Texas State Fair

Since we were not far from Dallas while at the Confederate Reunion Grounds we decided to go to the State Fair as neither one of us had ever gone.  I also have an Uncle that lives in the area and we could stop and visit with him. 

The day was fun and exciting for both of us.  As some may know Big Tex caught fire at the end of last year and this was the first year for the "new Big Tex"  He was okay but not the old one

New Big Tex

All that was save of the Big Tex that
caught fire last year
Belt bucket of the one that caught
fire.  Look close and you can see
the black from the fire around
the edges
One of the original bucket
of Big Tex
Note left for Big Tex that burned


Entrance to the Midway - really a big place with lot more ride than the normal fair.

At the entrance.

Fred was excited in getting the see the Cotton Bowl - he only wished he could have gone in.

 We were both interested in the police booths throughout the fair. 

There was a real neat toy train exhibit in the botanical garden area.  There was all kinds of tunnels and cities set up throughout. 

We even got to see Thomas the Train!!!

There was even an old antique car exhibit that we both enjoyed.  We even found and old mail truck -lol.