Sunday, September 28, 2014

August full of sports and Fred’s birthday


August found us on the downhill of Fred’s chemo treatments so we are getting that glass of water empty by each day.  He has done well with is treatments with only being tired and little sickness thus far.  We feel fortunate that things have gone so well per se, but looking forward to getting it over.

August is Fred’s birthday so wanted to make it a fun day for him.  Being that he loves sports and would spend hours watching whatever, (just like his dad – lol), I got tickets to an Astros baseball game for us.  We headed downtown to have an early dinner and then off to the game.  We decided to park at the park-n-ride station by NRG field and ride the tram into town which is always an experience in itself. 

Before the game we went to our favorite restaurant in downtown Houston – Mia Bella Trattoria.  We really had a relaxing time and a great server – this is one of the reason why we love the place so much as the service is always good and the food is excellent.  Of course, though Fred always does his thing and I now have the evidence, he just cannot do anything without that phone!!  Oh and by the way he is showing his age, see how far he has to hold the phone to see it – lol.  Thanks Mike (our server) for making the night exciting and enjoyable.

Then on to the game – it had been a while since we were at a game and tonight before the game they sworn in a group of new recruits to the military.  We even had the Secretary of Defense there to do the swearing in.  Was something neat to see.  Was an exciting game as the Astros won so we left as happy campers!!

The weekend after the game Fred’s daughter gave him 3 tickets to the Texans preseason game against the Falcons.  Well of course this was not anything that he could pass up and after discussion and phone calls he asked our son Brian and his son, Hunter to go with him.  Hunter is 8 years old and this was his first pro football game, so all the fanfare was pulled out.  Fred and Brian went early and took Hunter for the tailgating and then let him eat to his heart content at the game.  Texans won and not sure who enjoyed the game the most – Hunter or Brian and Fred.

Since I gave up my ticket for Hunter to go to the game, Brian and his kids took me to the Sugar Land Skeeters Baseball Game the following Wednesday.  This was my first trip to a Skeeters game and going with the grandkids was fun.  The stadium they built in Sugar Land for them is really nice and is a great place for a fun day as they have a water park area and play ground for the kids; plus a full beer garden and picnic area for adults. 

All in all it was a great month filled with sporting events and more time with our grandkids.  Fred completed his third and fourth chemo treatments and we are now counting down the treatments.  We are looking forward to getting back on the road and traveling again.  Just two more months!!