Monday, April 20, 2015

Hot Wells Dunes and Cochise Stronghold







Hot Well Dunes seem to me to be something that is just out of place in the middle of the mountains, but how unique.  You are driving through the desert/mountains area with cactus and such when all the sudden you are surrounded by sand dunes.  The area is very busy on the weekends as there are campers and 4-wheelers/dune buggies all over the place.  It was really unique and something to see.

The area has a hot spring that was discovered in the twenties when some men drilling for oil under the dunes hit the spring.  The artesian spring produced 250 gallons of water per minute with a temp of 107 degrees.  There are two hot tubs that have been established in the area and people come from all over to relax in them.

We went out there for our anniversary this year and had a picnic then sat in the hot tub – it was really a relaxing day.


After Easter we went out to see Cochise Stronghold.  This is the area which Chief Cochise was able to hid from the army for years and the area he lived in until his death.  The Indians were able to live off the land here and it is a hidden oasis in the mountain deserts.  Looking around you can see how he stayed hidden all those years as the mountains have all kinds of caves, knicks and hiding places throughout.  The plant life which produced all types of berries and other eatable plants grew wild everywhere.  What a peaceful place.

I just loved this mountain as it reminded me of an ancient palace.  Look closer though and you will see there is so many places you can hid.



There was so much wonder here you could sit for hours and let you imagination run wild.


There are a number of hiking trails established in the area as well as a wonderful camping area.  The camping is dry camping as there are no hookups or water.  Sign shows that only something under 20’ is allowed as you do go through some primitive roads and a couple of dry washes to get to the area.  Want a great place to camp where it is quiet and peaceful – here is your place.

Here are other pictures of the area – if nothing else, when you are in the area take the trip to see the area, you will not be disappointed.  Remember this an area that was important to the history of our great country and to always take the time to discover our past so maybe we will not make the mistakes that were made then.