Monday, July 28, 2014

July fun and more promises to Grandkids

Now with Kylie and Clayton’s promise completed we have to turn to some of the other grandkids.  Last summer Hunter came to stay with us while we were in Mexia but due to a death in the family his trip was cut short, so we promised him another stay.  So Hunter came to stay DSCN6474with us on June 30th for a week. 

He  never got to go out and explore the USS Battleship Texas so we took him out to explore the ship.  He said he shot down over 200 bad guys trying to blow up Houston.


We left the ship and went to visit with the rangers and friends we had been working with and he got to see and play with the alligator.  This was really a neat experience for him as he is was really scared but they were great with him and he loved every minute of it. 

The the 4th of July, he was with us for the big party and celebration. We went to Andy and Lisa for their neighborhood party that they have each year.  As always it was a great day of BBQ, swimming pool, friendship, family and enjoying ourselves. 

That evening we had a rain storm move over us and then it turned out to be a great evening watching the kids with their fireworks.  Then, of course, we had to have ours – Andy is a firefighter and really does a great job each year putting a great show together for us.

The next couple of days we had fun with Hunter at the coach as it rained, but when we could we were down at the pool.  He and papaw played checkers and chess a couple of times, but in general we had a great week with Hunter.  We met Brian and Jean and returned him on a Sunday afternoon.  Promise #2 fulfilled.

The next couple of weeks we spent the time chilling at the RV park – Fred went through round #4 of his chemo so that week he is not feeling well so we just relax at home watching movies/TV.  There were some activities at the park and relax at the pool when he is feeling up to it.

The third weekend of July there was a big festival at Tom Bass Park, the county park just behind the RV Park behind us.  Sunday afternoon we starting hearing all kind of noise so went outside to see what was going on.  It was the Houston Caribbean Festival parade of bands.  So up on top of the coach we climb to see what was going on.  It was neat so we walked over the the area to watch the parade.  It was loud though and went on until about 9:00 that night – we were ready for them to close as our coach backs up to the park.  The coach was rock-n-rolling with all the bassing going on  and the loud music. 

The last week of July we completed our promises to our Grandkids and Moira spent a week with us. This one was different as she is 12 and not as easy to entertain as the younger ones.  She was interested in the going to the pool though so we spent a lot of time at the pool.  It rained a lot this week so we had to find other activities she would enjoy.  In talking with her we found out that she had never been in the tunnels downtown and in fact has not really been around exploring the downtown area of Houston nor really ever went to the Galleria Shopping Mall.  So we spent a day downtown – riding Metro train, walking the tunnels, and even went to Discovery Green Park.

Then we spent an afternoon at the Art Car Museum – she had been  to all the other museums in town.  We took her here as she loves arts and plans on being an artist herself.


Then we sent a day at the Galleria Mall, where she was interested in all kinds of things that were to expensive – oh well she is a pre-teen after all.  Of all the places to eat lunch there she choose Chili's.

We left there and stopped by a friends where she just refused to leave – we haIMG_3286d to drag her out as she was having such a great time.  But then again I was also.  They have four 6 week old puppies, Manchester that are so cute and are at that playful stage.  

It was a good time with her and we had lots of interesting conversations.  Grandkids promises fulfilled.

Last week (Tuesday) of July is Fred 5th treatment of chemo – so we are on the downhill side of his treatment.  Hope everyone had a good month in July – we are now looking forward to August and what will it bring??????

Friday, July 18, 2014

Promise to our Grandkids


When we first purchased our coach a year ago we made a promise to two of our grandkids, Kylie and Clayton,  that one day they would get to take a trip with us.  With Fred in chemo and us having to stay in the area for a while we took this as a chance to take them on the “adventure” that they wanted to have.  I think it was as  exciting for us as it was for them to get the chance. 

First we had to find a place that was a day trip to take them where they could have fun and get the experience.  They love the water and swim like fishes so our first thought was to go to the beach in Galveston, but we just don’t really like Galveston that much.  After you go to other beaches and see the clear, clean blue water you just aren’t as excited about Galveston that much.  In talking with people here at the park we were told of Jamaica Beach RV Park in Jamaica Beach just west of Galveston.  Checking out the park we decided it was a place they could enjoy.  Check it out for yourself.

They came out the night before and we filled them in on all that needed to get done before we could travel and told them that they had to help.  Clayton was to help Papaw with the outside things and Kylie has to help Memaw with securing things inside.  I don’t know if they slept that night or not as they were bouncing off the sides of the coach all night. 

They were up at sunrise and were wanting to go.  Check in was not until 11 so we had to take our time as the trip was only a couple of hours 10438922_10204219361107997_7421637147670227055_n[1]at the most.  They both wanted to ride in the “co-pilot” seat but there is only room for one so we did paper, rock, scissors.  Kylie won the trip there and Clayton won the trip back.  But, of course, we did have the seats set up so I could ride up there if  need be, and they had to try that out also but went back to be “co-pilot” as “it is more fun”. IMG_3183

We finally got there and  I could not keep them in the coach as Papaw got us checked in; IMG_3192to the shark and to the playground.  Fred and I got checked in, setup and just let them play.DSCN6450








After lunch the pool and playingIMG_3201 water basketball with the other kids:






Then the splash pad:

One otheIMG_3204r nice perk about the perk is that they have outside movies each night – Disney movies, so it is family friendly.  You go to the office and get a bag of popcorn, bring your chair and sit back and enjoy the movie.  They hardly eat dinner that night as they were ready to go and just could not understand why they had to wait for the sun go down .  We took them down and they played tetherball while we waited for it to get started.   

Finally theIMG_3209 movie but they were so tired they did not last.  Kylie’s head was bobbling  and she finallyIMG_3211 came to me about 30 minutes into the movie and wanted to go home.  It was so much fun watching them have so much fun for their first day.  Honestly Memaw and Papaw were very tired ourselves.

The next morning they were ready to go again and they wanted to go to the beach.  The park sits across the street from the gulf so we packed up drinks, snacks, towels, etc., gave the “grandparent” lecture about walking across the street and playing safe in the gulf and took off.  Clayton and Kylie, both started on the way walking over there talking about sharks and sharks in the water – they actual wanted to see one – well at least Kylie did.  She knows no fear!!  When we got to the beach as far as the eye could see was nothing but seaweed.  Kylie started to get upset as she wanted to “go to the beach!!”  I explained to her we were at the beach it was just that the water had a lot of seaweed in it.  We had a discussion of what seaweed was and she said ‘ok it is just a plant and it WILL NOT keep me from having fun”.  She told Papaw to hold her hand and off she started through the seaweed into the water.  She came back and told Clayton it would not hurt him so they took off together to go play in the water seaweed and all.  They had so much fun jumping into the waves and riding with them that we just let them go.  Seaweed was not going to hurt them and there was “no sharks around here cuz they eat fish not seaweed” as was pointed out to us by Kylie.   Oh to be young again!!

Back to the coach for lunch and then to the pool, spDSCN6453lash pad, and playground again.  We were so fortunate as the site we had we could just sit in the coach and watch out the window while they were at the splash pad and playground.  We could not have asked for a better place.  Across from us was a wide open pasture that was also a great view.  Of course they enjoyed going and seeing the horses and petting them!!








That afternoon once it cooled off some we all headed to the mini golf park.  What fun and exciting to explore.  The thing that excited them the most was the land turtle.

What a great time we had with them and one I think we will remember and I do believe they will also.  The next day after a wonderful breakfast provided by the park, we headed back to our home base and they both were asleep before we got to far down the road.  I think they were worn out – well at least until we got back to Advanced.  Off the the playground and pool here they went.  They even got Papaw to go to the clubhouse and play checkers and chest with them.  Mom was here the next day and they went home – it was so quiet; we missed them but it was nice to get back our regular routine also.  Memories were created!!!  Promise #1 fullfilled.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beginning Our Down Time


Well me made the decision that during the months that Fred was going to go through chemotherapy we would not volunteer and/or workamp as we did not know how he was going to do.  We started  looking at RV Resorts close to the hospital and seeing what we could find that would fit what we wanted and what we were looking for.  We visited about six different parks in the area and all had their pros and cons but we decided upon Advance RV Resort that was just 9 miles from the hospital.   The park has a salt water pool, hot tub, 2 club houses, 2 dog parks, playground, and backs up to Tom Bass Park.  Now we can just sit back and relax while Fred goes through treatment and recovers.DSCN6541

Overview of the park from the top of our coach.


       Our site




Club House #1DSCN6361


           BBQ AreaDSCN6362




Swimming Pool & Hot TubDSCN6360


We have gotten to know a number of people here, some of who live here year round and some that come and go.  There are others here that are going through chemo so there is others that we have something in common with.  Some come and go each year for their annual checkups so talking to them about how they got through has been great. 

The Park has activities on a regular schedule and it is great way to have some fun while we are here.  There are pot luck dinners, bingo, craft activities, movie nights, ice cream socials and on each Friday night we have block parties.  The block parties is something we look forward to – you bring your own food and drink; all BBQ pits are ready, you cook your food and we all just sit around and visit, swim or whatever.  There is a group we “party” with each Friday and share/plan what we are going to do each Friday.  The first Friday we had a big pot of seafood gumbo, grilled shrimp and all kinds of sides.  We all then hung out at the pool until it closed – well until we were ran out – lol. What a fun night getting to know everyone.

During June, of course, you have Father’s Day, well this year it also fell on my birthday, so we had all the kids come out for a pool party and BBQ.  It was a neat day celebrating my birthday and Father’s day with Fred.  Do believe the kids and grandkids had a great time also.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Exploring and Volunteering

During our time back in Houston we have gotten the opportunity to explore and do some other volunteering.  Living this life we have come upon opportunities that we never knew about and have gotten the chance to do things that we would not have done otherwise. 

A friend’s daughter is volunteering at NOAA in Galveston as she works on her graduate work.  She needed help in completing the paper she was writing in taking a survey, so we volunteered.  NOAA was holding their Ocean Discovery Days where they open their location to the public and provide all types of activities to families and for kids to learn about their work.  We took a survey of people attending the event for her so she could comply the results for her paper.  The event was so much fun for us, even though we were working.  We got the opportunity to go see all the sea turtles, learn about the Flower Banks off the coast of Galveston and just learn what NOAA was about in Galveston.  Here are some pictures we took while there and then a link to 2015 event.  If you are in the Galveston area, it is a must attend event.

Another adventure we took was to go to the Pasadena Strawberry Festival.  Even though Fred grew up in Houston and I had been living here for over 30 years neither one of us had ever attended.  It was an neat experience.  Nice small town festival with plenty of vendors and shows.  The big thing was the strawberry shortcake – it set a new Gunnies world record for the largest shortcake in the world.  They were selling it by the slice, half sheet and full sheet.  The prices were very reasonable and the cake was very good.  Kroger Supermarket was the major sponsor as you can tell by the cake.  Fun day.

Few days before we left San Jacinto one of the park police officers at the park invited us out to his house for a BBQ.  He not only works at San Jacinto Battleground but he is also the park police for Shelton Lake State Park.  Shelton Lake is near Liberty, Texas and one of those parks that you never really hear much about.  We headed out to the park and was very pleasantly surprise – what a neat state park.  The grounds are very well taken care of and they are even expanding them.  The lake is large and even flows into area swamp land.  Wildlife was everywhere from birds, to small mammals to alligators.  One of the neatest features was they have a three story tower there that you can climb and/or take the elevator up to look over the landscape.  On a clear day you can see the ship channel to downtown Houston to airport.  We were there at sunset and it was simply amazing.  This is one of those state parks you never hear about or think about going to, but if you get the chance go – it is just a day use park, but really neat.