Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Navasota River Trip

Well we missed the river clean up trip down the Navasota River with the Boy Scouts due to weather conditions and lack of boats, so we decided before we left we would do our own trip.  It was quite nice canoeing down the river just the two of us; the weather was great and it was so peaceful!!
The river is dammed at various points to form Lake Mexia, Springfield Lake (in Fort Parker State Park), Joe Echols Lake, Lake Groesbeck, Lake Limestone, and Martin Lake. Tributaries of the river include Big, Little Cedar, Sand, Bowman, Panther, and Holland creeks. The river traverses flat to rolling terrain with local shallow depressions, surfaced by clay and sandy loams that support water-tolerant hardwoods, conifers, and grasses. The river was probably named by Indians, who called it or another stream in the immediate area the Nabasoto.  In 1727 called the river the Navasota, the name it has been known by since that time. The community of Navasota is located in a bend of the river in southwestern Grimes County. Numerous archeological sites have been found along the river, which served early settlers as an access route into the area. By 1860, however, river transportation had declined, as the first railroad lines reached the Navasota community. Our trip took us from the Confederate Reunion Grounds to Fort Parker State Park.
If you would ever like to take a peaceful canoe trip I would highly recommend it.  You can rent boats at Fort Parker State Park and they will take you the Reunion Grounds to put in.  Have fun and relax!!!