Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weekend Trip to Dallas

My sweet little granddaughter, Ms. Kylie Rose, cheerleading team was competing in National Cheerleading Competition so I took for to Dallas for the weekend.  Her team has been competing all season and have been finishing either first of second in all contest so we were looking forward to nationals.  I flew out late on Thursday so I could be there for their first showing on Friday morning.

Boy did we get a surprise Friday morning – it turned real cool and started snowing.  As we left to go get so breakfast it was just starting to snow really hard.

By the time we finished breakfast it was everywhere  . . .

The snow was an added fun to the trip, but we could have done without the cold – lol.  Kylie really enjoyed it as it was her first time to really see snow.  We all had a fun time playing in it.

But to the serious business – off to the convention center for the competition.  What a mad house – teams from all over the country where there from all ages.  I must say they were well organized in running the show though as everything flowed really well from what I could tell.  The girls were all very excited and were ready to show off their talents.  Waiting was the hardest thing though but they found ways to keep themselves entertained.



From hair bow making





Stretching out





To being silly girls and showing off!!



But then the time came . . .

It was a great weekend and they finished in 4th place.  We were so proud of them.  Kylie is always looking for sponsors with her training and her team.  If your interested let me know and I will send you the information on the gym.  Thanks!!