Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

Rick and Pat had to work the last few days we were in Colorado Springs so Fred and I headed out by ourselves.  One of the places I wanted to go was to see the the wolves, so we headed out to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center.  The center was really a fabulous place and one that I truly enjoyed.  I have loved wolves for years and this place really puts them into perspective.

The center started because the owner saw a wolf-dog that was to be euthanized at the local animal shelter and despite her fear of wolves, she took the dog home.  From this she learned of the problems for wolf-dogs and open a recuse shelter for them and injured wolves.  We had a friend that had a wolf-dog and Marley was one of the best, friendly, loyal, and loving dogs I have ever know. The center is full of wolves that they have rescued from injury and/or death.  Some are very socialized and others are not; they have maintained their habitat as if they were still wild.  Those that are socialized are available for tours in which you can go out and sit with them, have your picture taken and pet them.  You are given special instructions as they are still wild wolves so you have to learn about their habits and nature in order to not upset them. 

We did the standard tour and were guided through the park being shown all the different wolves and were give an explanation of each.  We got to see them up close or at least as close as they would come.  Really wolves are not fond of people and will stay away from them but with them being in this controlled area and used to the guides bring them food they would come to the fence for their treats.  At the end of the tour we were told about how they communicate and about their howl.  The guide told us how to howl and we all did at one time and as soon as we finished our howl the wolves through out the park howled back.  It was really cool.   One of the wolves that they had recused belonged to one of these companies that breed wolves for picture taking purposes like for calendars and such.  It had been born with a defect and was not developing so they were going to put it down.  Once the shelter heard about it they got the company to give them the wolf and a vet discovered the problem was due to a vitamin defect took care of the problem.  The wolf developed to one of the best looking wolf they have.  The company tried to buy him back but, of course, was told no.  This is the best shot I could get of him as he was laying down in the back and I just could not get a good angle on him.  He was beautiful.  If you get the chance to visit the center, do so, as they are a non-profit center and only survive by donations and the tours they do.  It is well worth your time.  Oh they also have some very cute foxes at the front and other animals, but the wolves are the center.







Here are the other pictures I took of the wolves and the area, hope you enjoy.  I have also given you the link to their webpage if you would like to learn more about the center and/or donate.

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center  - Website