Saturday, June 29, 2013


Monday - June 24th - Fred took out tow vehicle to the shop as the AC was not working; had to get a rental so a new compressor could be installed in the tow; Russell called - the coach is ready.  Went to Russell picked up coach and then home to load up.  Worked late into the night to get things loaded; got exhausted and just stopped we will get up early and finish - famous last words!

Tuesday - June 25th - up late (who would have thought - lol) just loaded up no organization to it as we needed to get the coach to PPL for warranty work, was suppose to be there at 8:00 and it is now 8:00.  Oh well they will still be there when we get there.  Things to do - 1) coach to PPL; 2) dogs to son's house for babysitting; 3) return rental car and get tow with AC working; 4) back to house to pick up final things to go to storage and Salvation Army and drop off; 5) back to house to get last of things going with us; 6) drop off items going to kids; 7) get EZ tag for coach for toll roads; 8) go get dogs from son's house; 9) stop at store for food (most important); 10) go to coach for night at PPL - work not finish so staying on residence lot.  Wow what a day and it all got done.

Wednesday - June 26th - well clock was wrong and was up I thought at 7:00 but it was really 5:00.  Things to do - 1) wash clothes at son's house; 2) get final load out of the house; 3) generator fixed on coach; 4) WiFi Antenna installed; 5) dinner with Fred's brother  - not to bad of a day

Thursday - June 27th - well tow package is being installed today, so will just stay with the coach and maybe try to get something organized. Got just about everything inside the coach now.  Still have a couple of containers at my son's house that we will pick up tomorrow morning.  Got the tow package installed, got the wifi antennas installed; got the jacks working right.  Grandson came and spent the afternoon with me, it was great to see him and have the time with him before we take off.  Son came later in the evening and got all my computer/wifi all setup and working.  It is nice to have a son that is a computer engineer!!!  Exhausted but excited.  Pull out of PPL in the morning and headed to Westlake RV Resort for the night. T

Friday - June 28th - up early and got things packed and ready to travel.  Finally hit the road around 11:00 but that was okay as we could not check into Westlake RV Resort until 11:00 anyway.  Staying in West Houston tonight as our kids want to have a send off party for us tonight.  This gave us a chance to go check the mailbox for the last time and go say goodbye to some friends we had not gotten a chance to yet.  Westlake RV Resort is really nice, very clean and has a great place for the dogs.  If you are passing through Houston look it up - would recommend it.  Oh, it is a Good Sam park so you also get at 10% discount.  Had a great dinner with our kids and now on to our new life!!!!
Tow in place and ready to go!!

One last check

Fred's favorite Mexican food with our kids

Fred remembering