Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Week at Full Time Workamping

Coach all set in place
We made it into Coffee Creek on Saturday, June 29, 2013 about 4:30 and  met Don Rash, owner of the RV Resort.  The place looked wonderful and we were excited to finally get here.  Don took us for a ride around the park and let us chose our site from those that were available.  Got checked in and he told us to just get set up and chill until Monday and we could get started working then. 

Fred doing what he does best

Club house directly in front of us

Spent the day Sunday getting things somewhat in place and tried to get organized.  Met a number of the other workampers that we will be working with and  got the dogs settled down in their new place.  The park is really nice.  Took a ride into Mineral Wells for some shopping and dinner.  We found Mineral Wells to be interesting and really need to go back to do some looking around.  There was this old abandoned building that we were not sure about but it was really intriguing, I am going to have to do some research and find out what it is about.
Monday we went into the office and got our "marching orders".  I was teamed up with Pat Ratzlaff and Fred with Rick Ratzlaff; so off we went workamping for the first time!!!  The jobs have ended up not being hard at all and in fact somewhat enjoyable.  I was finished in a hour and half and Fred . . . well he kept his going  as long as he could - he was having fun --- he said it felt good to be back to doing something as he has been off work for two years due to his hand injury.
Since we are off in the afternoons we started looking around for places to go and things to see.  Tuesday we went to the National Vietnam War Museum Complex in Mineral Wells - wow is all I can say:


Wednesday afternoon we took a ride and went to Palo Pinto.  The country side was wonderful and I got my second Courthouse picture.  On the way back we found this wonderful BBQ place called Natty Flat Smokehouse a & Gift Shop.  The gift shop next door to it the Guinness World Record for the largest rocking chair.  The furniture inside was all made from wood in the area and was some of the best looking rustic furniture I have ever seen.  It was really a cook place.