Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

This is our first holiday in our coach and our life on the road.  We have met some new friends workamping here at Coffee Creek and they have invited us to join them in traveling to Granbury, TX.  We all had to get up early and go do our duties as workampers, but today did not require everything we do normally, just the necessary items - pick up trash and clean out restroom - YEA!!
It was a wonderful day out and the weather was just great.  Temp was 59 when we got up that morning and the high for the day was only expected o be in the upper 90's. 

The drive to Granbury (30 minutes) was really nice and the small Texas towns that we saw along the was were unique.  We are enjoying seeing the beauty of Texas; it is as if we are old west explorers and seeing it for the first time. We get to Granbury and it is really a lovely town; has a lot of the old favor to it but yet it is still a good size modern town with all the extras as if you are in the big city.  Granbury is also the county seat for Hood County so I was able to get another one of my courthouse pictures.  The town square was all set up for the 4th of July celebration.  I loved the courthouse and the old bell tower - it stills works also!!

Rick and Pat took us to a place called Babe's Chicken House for lunch and it was really great.  They serve only chicken cooked different way and in a family style matter.  We had a wonderful lunch and then headed out to look around and just see what we could find.   
The town has a lot of great old building and the old jail is still standing.  Of course Fred being retired cop and jailer he was really interested in seeing it.  The old stone building was really neat and the jail was upstairs with the living quarter for the sheriff downstairs.  I would highly recommend if you get a chance to stop by this town.  The Brazos river runs through it also and there is a great park and beach area along it for enjoyment.  We definitely plan on going back before we leave the area to do some more looking around as it was crowded today needless to say.