Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Adventure Down - Now Revamp

Well we were so excited for our first workamping job but it turned out to be a bummer.  We have been at Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas, but things just were not going right.  The resort is nice and if you are ever traveling down I-20 west of Ft. Worth and need a place to stay for a couple of days, it would be okay.  For us and workamping it just was not going to work out.  I stopped working completely after one week and was told that it was just great as they really only wanted Fred and he could the full 24 hours required - they really only needed men.  I had no desire to sit in the coach all the time but I left it up to Fred.  After another week he made the decision to leave also as things were not changing.  He talked the owner and he was just fine if we wanted to leave so we made plans to leave on Sunday, July 14th. 

The friends we had made there went with us to the only place I really wanted to go in Ft. Worth to celebrate my birthday late and while we were there we learned that the next week would be their anniversary.  So we all went to my favorite German food place in the entire state - Edelweiss.  We had a wonderful time and the food was GREAT!!

Rick & Pat Ratzlaff
Fred and Rick

Fred did not like his food - lol

We got up early Sunday morning and headed back for Houston area.  We had to be back at the repair shop on Wednesday anyway as they had received our rear bumper and it needed to be installed.  We decided that we would head back that way and would just go stay at Wolf Creek on Lake Livingston.  We had been there visiting with Ed and Debi Hurlburt and really liked the place so we made our reservation and headed that way. What a great decision that was - we had the time of our life and enjoyed just being able to relax and regroup after what we had gone through at Coffee Creek. 
We were right on the lake and got to do some fishing, relaxing and even had a chance to see family.  The dogs had the time of their life playing around and it was their first experience with fish so it was funny watching them.  Fred caught the most but I caught the biggest so I won the fishing contest (well I would have won either way).
We then headed to Russell RV Repairs and spent two days there and got a new rear bumper that looks great and also got our coach upgraded from a 30 amp to a 50 amp.  Now we can run both AC at the same time and stay cool inside.  While we were at Russell we got to spend some time with family and friends and Ed and Debi Hurlburt.  It was a great visit and nice to be home for a while.
We looked around and found a new workamping job at the Confederate Reunion Grounds Historical Site in Mexia, Texas.  Have to report on July 19th so we started making plans for there.  Good visit home but now on to our  next adventure!!
The following pictures were taken by my 5 year old granddaughter at dinner with the family and friends.  I think she did a good job.
    Andy & Lisa                                                                                      Brenda & Eileen
    Fred & Brenda                                                                                   Clayton & Hunter

    Part of the group                                                                               Jean and me with Clayton