Monday, February 24, 2014

Goliod State Park, Texas

We continued on our quest to discover about Texas History by going to Goliod State Park.  This location played a major role in Texas Independence that many do not realize. We are learn and remember what we are told in school about the yell of “Remember the Alamo” when the battle of San Jacinto was fought, but the yell also included “Remember Goliod” also.  In many ways this incident made me madder that the Alamo as Fannin and his men had surrender and they were in my opinion simply – murdered!!
Colonel James Fannin was the commanding officer at Goliad and had been order from General Sam Houston to leave Goliad and to fall back to Victoria; he was also order to “blow up that Fortress”.  Fannin was independent and ignore Houston’s order and stood ground at Goliad. Fannin sent a troop of Texans volunteers to Refugio to help enforce the line of defense here.  General Jose Urrea of the Mexican army attacked them; took them as prisoners but as he left heading for Goliad he had them all executed.  A few days afterward, Fannin received word from Houston that the Alamo had fallen and he started his march toward Victoria.  Fannin set fire to LaBahia Mission as instructed; Urrea arrived at LaBahia Mission in Goliad only hours after Fannin left with his men.  Urrea continued after them.  Urrea caught up to Fannin and his men right after noon in an open prairie and heavy fighting too place until nightfall.  Fannin was cut off from water and the ability to get supplies so they had a paley with Urrea and surrendered.  Fannin had the understanding he and his been would be treated correctly and were taken back to LaBahia Mission as prisoners on March 20th. 
On March 27th, from orders of Santa Anna, Fannin and his men were told they were to be marched to Matamoros be held as prisoners.  The Texans were marched out in four columns with the exception of the Fannin, other officers and a few others that had medical training and/or had assisted the Mexicans during this war.  The men were marched a short distance outside of LaBahia Mission, halted near the San Antonio River and the Mexican solders open fire at point-blank range.  Somehow another twenty-eight men  managed to escape.  Fannin, who was suffering from a leg wound was taken outside of the laBahia Mission was told he was to be shot.  He made four request of the Mexican officer, 1- he was to be blindfolded; 2- he was not to be shot in the face;  3- that his pocket watch be sent to his wife; and 4 – that he be given a Christian burial.  Fannin then sat in the chair and blindfolded himself, the Mexican officer pocketed his watch and shot him in the face.  His body was thrown on the funeral pyre and set fire along with the other 341 men that had been executed. 
This action showed the Texas again the barbaric nature and killer that Santa Anna was.  Texans were upset of the continued butchering of Santa Anna nature and rallied together more than ever.
As I said earlier, to me this was simply murder by the Mexican government and in my opinion have never been held accountable for this.  The memorial and the city of Goliad have wonderfully paid honor to these men.  If you get the chance come and take the time to visit the sites.