Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rio Grande Valley


Betnsen SignAfter we left  Goliad we then headed for our third workamping experience  in the Rio Grande Valley.  We are looking forwarding to spending the winter in the valley at Bentsen Rio Grand Valley State Park in Mission, Texas.  We arrived at Bentsen on January 4th in the afternoon, checked in and set up our coach for the next threeIMG_2886 months.  One other workamper couple arrived few days before us, so we had our choice of location to park between the other two spots.  We felt we were luck as we got the spot we were hoping for so that we could have a good area of the dogs and their pen.  Things were perfect in our world.  Then we discovered that the Border Patrol staged in the area in front of our coach.  Oh thrills!!  Really it was not that bad and was very interesting.  We got a chance to talk to and meet many of the officers as well as the Game Warden in the area. 

Border PatrolDSCN5112DSCN5126

We had until Wednesday before we had to start workamping so it gave us time to visit the park and take advantage of the programs/tours that they offered.  The next morning we took our first bird walk and started learning about the birds in the area.  Lets see how many you can name?

Things are really looking up and we are looking forward to our stay here at Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park!  On Sunday we began our third workamping job and met with the park personnel and got our assignments.  Fred was working in maintenance and I was with interpretation. 








Our new adventure starts and now to work out the places to go and see while we are here – more to come!!!