Sunday, February 1, 2015

Trip to Globe, AZ

Wow what a day and a very interesting day.  This is a place we are going to have to return to as it cannot be seen in one day.  The weather was not the best either as the cold and “rain/snow” was all around us.  The town is an historical wild west mining town; first mining silver and then copper.

The drive from Safford to Globe is through the  San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.  The Pinal Mountain are just south of Globe and it is really a nice drive.  There are some 6% grades but not really that bad and at points the mountains have the saguaro growing.  It was sprinkling some that day and we saw the most beautiful rainbow; looked as if it ended right on the road and then back around to just this side of the mountain.  Really  neat






Once we got to town there was really so much to see we did not know really where to start.  We started walking around the historical part of town and found out they are really up to date on there tours.  The buildings have QR signs around them that you can just use your iPhone and scan the QR reader and learn information about the building.  Globe is also the county seat for Gila County so I had to see if I could find the courthouse.  The one that is used today is really nothing and just a building but the older historical one was something else.  It has been refurnished and turned into The Center for the Arts, with an Art Gallery, Antique Store and a Performing  Art Theater inside.  They have left all the original doors showing what that office was  and it was something to see.  Admission is free and enjoyed taking a walk through it.  It was suppose to be closed as they were doing some remodeling but Fred talked our way in and we got to look around. 

The Old County Jail is right behind the courthouse and housed prisoner up until the 1980’s.  There are number of old historical churches and the original railroad depot is a museum. 

Before we left downtown area we found an out of the way place and stopped for lunch.  It was really three Indian ladies that was running the place and just as simple as you can get.  They had a café/bakery shop and made their bread daily.  We both had a hamburger and I must say it was one of the best I have had in a long time.  Simple old fashion cooking with real cut potatoes for fries and very tasty.


After lunch we headed out to Besh-Ba-Gowah Archeologist Park.  It is a 700 year old Salado Culture pueblo and is believe to be a ceremonial, redistribution and food storage complex. The area and use of the place can be dated back to 1150.  Different cultures and Indiana have used the area through the years.  It was really a fascinating place and one that we wish we had more time at.  The weather started catching up to us again and it started raining/snowing so we decided we had better head back to Roper before the weather really got bad.

One thing I feel I must say is that with all the pictures I am taking I just don’t feel that they are really doing justice to the beauty here.  It is so beautiful here and seeing all the wonders that God created is amazing.  This is semi-dessert land but it is just amazing, seeing the mountains off in the distance and thing driving through them, seeing the wildlife and being able to observe them, and just the sunrises and sunset are amazing.  You really need to observe thing yourself to understand the beauty of this land/world that God created for us to live in.  Please do your share to protect and preserve it for the generations to come.  Will get off my high horse now  - lol  Until next chapter . . . .