Monday, January 26, 2015

First Outing–Willcox, AZ

The weather has not been the best since we got to Arizona, but there was nothing we could go about that so decided we just needed to get out and make the best of it.  The cold front that moved in the first of the year has just seem to hang around and it is cold and wet but off we went to Willcox, AZ which is about an hour drive from Roper Lake.  It is an old railroad town that was established in the 1800.  The area was known as cattle country for years and is still a major agriculture area, but I-10 has now replaced the railroad.  The railroad still runs through town and as we were there we saw Amtrak pass through and many other trains but none stop anymore in the town.

The town has retained it old western look and still use many of the buildings as museums, restaurants and the old movie theater is still in use.

Willcox is the birthplace of Rex Allen, known as "The Arizona Cowboy", who wrote and recorded many songs, starred in several Westerns during the early 1950s and in the syndicated television series Frontier Doctor.  There is a museum dedicated to him so with the weather wet and cold inside we went. They also has information about his son and how he carried on after his father’s passing.  It was a very interesting museum.

The back room also showed may other “cowboys” that were of note in the area and how they had shaped the area.  There was a room that was dedicated to other western cowboys of the past, many I am sure you will recognize from the pictures.

Then we went to the Marty Robinson Museum another known “cowboy” from the area.

For lunch we went to a place that other park host had told us about in a red caboose.  They make their own hamburger buns and have home cooking.  They are called The Dining Car but show they have big Texas BBQ.  We had burgers and did not try the BBQ this time but will be back to see what it is like.  The food was good and fresh so we have to try the BBQ next time.  It was a neat place.







After lunch we made a visit to the Chiricahua Regional Museum.  What an interesting place.  There is so much history here about the area, the Apache Indians through the Pioneers Days.  I love these sort of museums and really enjoyed it.  The area is where the Chiricahua Apache Indians were so lots of history about them and it chieftains Cochise and Geronimo.  In the area I would highly recommend a visit.

Time was catching up with us so it was time to head back to the coach.  We will be making more trips here at this is also the wine country for the area.  There are over 10 different wineries in the area so we have a lot of tasting to do!!!  Until then – on to our next adventure . . . .