Friday, January 9, 2015

Sonora Cavern–next stop

Our next stop was to be South Llano River State Park, but with a review of the weather we decided we would keep moving forward.  The trip was really neat and we really enjoy seeing the country side.  The ups and downs of the hill country was tough on our gas mileage but with the prices of gas going down right now we were really happy.  We were paying anywhere from $1.74/gallon to $1.99/gallon.  Just loved the cliff sides along the road and then being able to see for miles and miles down the road.  Also the one thing that was amazing to us was that the speed limit was at 80.  I did not think there was any places left where the speed limit was that high.

DSCN8300We stop at Sonora Cavern for just one night and got there at just the right time to catch the last tour of the cavern that night.  The road up to the cavern was scary forDSCN8301 us as it was really the first time that we had really “climbed” in the coach and a hard turn at the top of the hill on a two lane road.  The coach did great though and she made it up.


The cavern was really neat and it was a great tour.  This is not very far of the interstate so if you are going by you should take the time to stop as it is really worth the time.

The campground there is really nice with electric and water only.  There is no dump as with the cavern they do not have a system to handle it.  The site is just off I-10 and is a great overnight park as it is very quiet with lots of wildlife around.  When we walked out of the cavern it was dusk; the sunset was really beautiful.  The peacocks were starting to roost and it was really neat.  Deer were coming to the feeder for their night feed and we could hear the coyotes off in the distance – what a neat way to end the day.

When we got up the next morning I checked the weather and things were getting rough so I had to rethink our trip.  We had planned to head to Carlsbad Cavern for a few days and to spend New Year’s there.  The weather was showing a cold front moving in fast and they were talking about 4-6 inches of snow so we decided to go ahead and just keep heading west rather than heading northwest.  We were just not ready to drive in the snow and mountains both at this time.