Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Years Day 2015

New YearThis year we spent New Years Eve in Bensen, AZ at Butterfield RV Resort.  We really did not do much for New Years Eve, during the day we were at Mt. Lemmons with our friend Peggy Rudman but that evening was just a quiet evening with Fred and I. 

Peggy was coming back to have lunch with us on New Years Day so I was getting things together.  My son called that night and what a surprise I got.  He was with his family and his wife’s parents in Phoenix visiting with members of her family over the holidays.  They were heading back to Houston the next day and were going to be driving right by Bensen so they wanted to stop and have New Years Day lunch with us also.  Of course mom said yes, I was not going to let them have lunch with Spam and Sauerkraut; lucky I already had enough food planned already.  We talked to the office at Butterfield and were able to get the clubhouse as our coach just would not hold 10 people and 3 dogs for lunch.  So New Years Day had become exciting to me!!

DSCN8742We woke up New Years Day and found that it had snowed that night so our new year started with about an inch of snow on the ground. 




It was a perfect way to start the day as we have not really seen a lot of snow being from Houston and this was just the right amount.

I spent the morning cooking our traditional New Years Day lunch of Ham, Cabbage, Black-eyed Peas and Cornbread.  Peggy came over about 11:00 and we moved things over the the clubhouse.  I had all my things cooking in that the NuWave Oven was cooking the ham; Black-eyed peas were in the crockpot; cabbage was in the pot on the induction burner and in the electric skillet (cooked it two different ways); and cornbread in the convention oven.  I made devil eggs that morning for the grandkids and Fred. 

My son and his crew all showed up about noon so I started finishing up all the last minute details.  The grandkids were all excited as they really had never seen snow over just some flakes falling; never any staying on the ground.  Needless to say they headed outside to have some fun.







We all had a great lunch and had some fun visiting and just enjoying the day.





Peggy took some pictures of my son with his family and us while they were there.  Of course the kids were kids and we had to have a crazy shot. 






What a great way to start off a New Year!!!!  We are looking forward to 2015 and our travel plans.  After all the stuff during 2014 we are thankful the year is over and we are more than ready to move forward with a new year!!  May everyone have a truly blessed 2015!!!!