Saturday, January 10, 2015

Balmorhea State Park, Toyahvale, TX

DSCN8461 Our next stop was again at a state park – Balmorhea State Park.  This park is just off I-10 but is far enough away that you never hear any road noise.  You can see the trucks and traffic in a distant but you do not hear anything from the road.

The drive between Sonora and the park was as unique as the park itself.  Again the rolling hills and semi-mountains off in the distance is something you just don’t see living in Houston.  There was this one mountain that caught Fred’s eye as it looked like a pyramid  off in the distant.  Then I was fascinated with the number of windmills that were everywhere.  I know there have been numerous  people starting to use them for power but I had never seen them grouped for miles.



The park sits about 10 miles off I-10 and is worth the drive.  We stayed here for two nights and saw many RVs come just for the night.  It is a great place for an overnight but is really worth you taking the time to spend a few days.  The park was built by the CCC in the 1930 and has a hotel area, tent area, and water and electric sites with covered picnic areas.  There is a dump station there but no sewer hookups are available.  The day area is really nice with picnic tables and BBQ pits, but during the summer months you have to get there early to get a site is what I am told as everyone is there to swim on the weekends. 

The park is unique as it has the largest man-made natural swimming pool I have ever seen.  The swimming area that cover 1.75 acres where the water is at 72-76 degrees year round .  It is fed by an artesian spring called San Solomon Springs which comes from underground from the Davis Mountains.  The pictures does not do the place justice as it is really a cool place.  The water is crystal clear, you can see the fish swimming and depths run from 3 feet to 20 feet. 

Take to time to stop here on your next trip on I-10 for a overnight and you will end up staying a couple of days.  Really worth the stay and Davis Mountains State Park and Fort Davis are really close by.  Our second day we went there to explore; will cover that in the next chapter!