Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 3 in Tucson–Pima Air and Space Museum


All I can say here is WOW.  We have visited the museum in Ohio but this was more amazing to me.  There are five hangers with over 150 aircraft from WWI to present, over 80 acres of aircraft on display, tram tours, walking tours and you can even do your own self-tour.  Tram and walking tours take about an hour and if you do it on your own you could take all day.  We did a combination of both – took a tram tour and then explored on our own. 


There a lot of WWII aircraft from both the Pacific and European times during the war.  The changes in aircraft from that time period to today is amazing.  Having know someone that flew in the Doolittle Raid during WWII it was something to see the planes they used. 


We spent about six hours there and the time went by fast.  There is so much.DSCN2014

This is the Ground Launch Cruise Missile that is being used by our troops. 

All of the aircrafts are all ones that have been taken out of service and are used for display purposes

There are Attack Aircraft, Bombers, Cargo, Commercial Aircraft, Drones, Fighters, Fire Fighting Aircraft, Helicopters, MiGs, NASA Aircraft, Recon/Patrol Aircraft, Refueling Aircraft, Seaplanes, Trainers, VIP Aircrafts, and General Aviation Aircraft all on display over the 80 acres.  Here is a album of some of them:

The Aircraft Boneyard that is a part of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is across the street and there are tours there from here also.  You are taken over on a bus with a guide that is very knowledgeable of the aircraft.  You are not allow to get off the bus but you can take pictures of the aircraft.   The bus driver goes slow enough that you are able to get some great shots.  This area is maintained by the 309th AMARG (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group - AMARG Website). Most of the planes out here are reused in some form or another and/or sold to those interested.  It is incredible how our tax dollars are spent.

There is another area where aircraft are kept where they are picked for parts.  These will not be placed back into service but are used for their parts.  Parts are sold all over the world by our government as approved.  You will notice that there are parts missing – mostly the wheels and noses.

Then there is an area where they are being repaired as well as being destroyed with the metal then being sold.






There is over 4000 aircraft here and the tour takes a little over an hours, so if you plan on going be prepare for a full day.  There is a café that has decent food and the prices were not that bad.  If you are a plane person and/or love to look at old planes, this is a must see for you.