Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Next stop Tucson


Our time at Roper Lake State Park ended and now we are headed to Crawford State Park in Colorado.  We do not have to be there until the middle of May, so we we have some great adventures planned as we travel; going to be checking off some things on our bucket list.

We have places in Tucson that we did not get to while at Roper since Tucson was a couple hours away.  So we set out for Catalina State Park just out of Tucson for a few days. 

Out first outing was to Old Tucson where a lot of old western TV show and movies were made.  It was a fun visit and one we both really enjoyed.  This was truly an amazing place and one that Fred and I both enjoyed.  It brought back lots of memories of our childhood and the TV shows that we watched as kids and ones that we love to watch reruns of.  I dare to say for some of you this will bring back a lot of memories for you also.

Costumes from Little House on the Prairie

Dan Block’s Shirt from Bonanza – man he was a big !!


Three Amigos






I bet a lot of you remember this one!!






This was fun –lol







There was so many – here is an album of all the show and pictures that were filmed there from 1940 - 1997.

Pictures I took of the site – hope you enjoy!!