Friday, July 24, 2015

Crawford State Park


We finally arrived at our next volunteering position at Crawford Lake State Park in Crawford Colorado.  We had originally been scheduled for Paonia State Park, but the highway department was doing some blasting of rocks on the mountainside and the park was closed.  Crawford, Paonia and Sweitzer State Park are all “sister parks” and are under one management team so we were moved to Crawford State Park; which is the headquarters for the three parks.  Fred was  trained to work Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Inspections and I was trained to work the office. 

We spent the first few days getting setup and settling in, then went to look around the lake.  The park is really nice and the lake was beautiful.  We had a great view of the lake out the door and front window so our site was perfect.





The views around the park of the mountains were amazing and as it was still cool and rainy so the mountains were still getting snow.

Soon it started to warm up and the park started having fishermen, swimmers and boaters all over the lake.

We finished up our training and it looks like we were in for a fun summer.  There are some great birds around, the sunsets were lovely and there was a celebration by the city of Crawford that was scheduled during the month of June!!


















At the end of June,  Sweitzer Lake State Park lost their park host due to medical reasons and since Fred was trained in ANS and I was trained for the office, we were asked and agreed to move to Sweitzer.  Sweitzer is the “sister” park to Crawford but it is located in Delta, CO which is down in the valley and about 30 miles from Crawford; so we packed up and made the move.  On the road again even though it was for just a short trip.

Below are other pictures of Crawford and the area during our stay: