Sunday, July 26, 2015

Move to Sweitzer State Park in Delta, CO

As mention in my last post, Sweitzer is a “sister” park to Crawford and the host that was schedule had to cancel due to medical reasons so Fred and I were asked to move over there.  This park is a day use only and has no camping at all; only boating, picnicking, swimming, and boating. The park is smaller than Crawford but is really a neat place and very peaceful.  We made the 30 mile drive over and got set up at the end of June.


We really liked the setup here as you can see there is a privacy fence around the front side of the coach which is great.  This also gives us a wind break as the wind really can blow hard here right before a rain shower; it also helped in creating the yard for the dogs. 

DSCN4118The park has a 137 surface acre lake that is really great for boating, water skiing, and jet skis.  There is really nice swimming area and plenty of places to have a picnic. 




The sunsets here are also as fabulous as the ones back at Crawford and the nights are really quiet.  Fred locks the gates to the park at 10:00 so after that it is only he and I on the grounds.







Since we are the only park host on the grounds our duties have increased some, or at least Fred’s has.  I am working in the office dealing with visitors, selling passes, annual passes and registering boats and 4-wheelers.  Fred is doing maintenance and ANS  so he runs around on the mule again and is loving it.






He really got to get a thrill when he went out with the Ranger on the boat to get after some boaters that were acting up on the lake.






We are enjoying it here and having a great time.  Our stay will be until after labor day so we are all hunker down until Sept. 7th.  In the area stop by and see us.