Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back in Texas–Amarillo

Well we left New Mexico and headed on into Texas.  Our first stop was in Amarillo so we could finally get to Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  We tried to get there last year after Fred finished chemo, but has a break down at Lake Whitney State Park.  We were told that the wind is always blowing in Amarillo and I tell you what, they are right.  I don’t think the wind was below 10mph the entire time we were there.  
Campground at Palo Duro State Park was full so we checked into Oasis RV Resort.  Very nice place and one I would recommend to anyone, very clean, large spaces, dog friendly and is right off the interstate.  It is also located just outside of town so you are close to everything you would want to see and do; in fact Cadillac
Ranch is one exit away.  When we went there was a tour group following Route 66 there taking pictures.  They were all dress in 60’s style and were interesting people.  The place is very interesting and is something different that is for sure.  Fred took his turn in decorating some of the cars also.

We also made a stop at the RV Museum while we were there.  What a neat place – they have a collection of RV dating back as far as 1921 to the RV that was used in the Robin William’s movie “RV” by the Gornike family to a collection of vintage motorbikes.  What an interesting place.  I would recommend you stop by and visit and best of all it is free.  Hope you enjoy my pictures of the museum, but again stop by and visit for yourself as it is very interesting.

Of course what would a visit to Amarillo be without going Big Tex Restaurant.  We called for the pickup from the restaurant and they came to our RV and picked us up in an old Cadillac, took us to dinner and then brought us home.  There were a number of people who tried to eat the big steak but we did not see anyone complete it in the time frame given.  Food was good and the atmosphere was even better.

Then of course our main reason for going to Amarillo – Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  The place is really something, I have told people I was really worried as we had just come from mountains and canyons and all I was seeing was flat fields, so where is a canyon.  I describe it as, you know when you get so mad and punch a hole in the wall and that sheetrock in the
house and it creates a hole in the wall; well that is what happen in the creation of Palo Duro Canyon.  God punched a hole in the flat land and created a hole in the middle of the flat field in west Texas.  Palo Duro is known as the Grand Canyon of Texas and is the second larges canyon in North America. 
The land was donated by a private owner in 1933 and the CCC sent in seven companies of men and veterans to develop the roads to the canyon floor, the visitor center, cabins, trails, and the park.  It is truly a beautiful park and another one of our bucket list items completed.  Below are our pictures of the canyon and the wildlife we saw while there.  It was neat seeing the deer and turkeys just wandering through the campgrounds.

Tomorrow heading for Wichita Falls.