Friday, January 15, 2016

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We made our way to Santa Fe, New Mexico as this was one of the old cities I had on my bucket list.  I had an gentlemen I worked for that each year he would go live on the streets in Santa Fe for two weeks as a street person just because.  I always wondered what the draw was for him to do this.  It is a very unique city and has a lot of history to it.  We started off
with breakfast at one of the places on the square and what a great breakfast.  We certainly got our fill for the day! The restaurant was filled with visitors from everywhere as well as lot of locals so it really was a good choice for us.
We took a tour of the city that was interesting.  Spend lots of time walking around looking at the street vendors and all the old buildings.  History here would take a week to lay out and the blog would be 8 pages long, so all I can say it go visit the city, it will be worth your time and the visit will be fun.

 One of the most interesting places was at the Loretta Chapel.  This was a place I had heard the story of the chapel and the staircase but never realized it was in Santa Fe until it was shown to us.  
Loretto Chapel
Orgin of the Chapel

Inside of the Chapel
Staircase as it sits today
Picture of the original staircase

If you don't know the story, when the chapel was built the nuns had no way to get to the second floor so they tried to get someone to build the staircase.  Everyone said it was impossible and then a person showed up and said he would build it for them for room and board.  Everything was agreed upon and he built the staircase but when the nuns went to find him to thank him he has disappeared as fast as he had appeared to them.  The story of where he came from and how he built the staircase has many tales and is interesting. Here is a link of the story. Story of the staircase

On to Texas tomorrow!!!