Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another road block in our adventures!


After Fred’s colon cancer surgery we expected to be back on the road in May and had plans for park hosting at Government Canyon State Park and Colorado State Park.  Well our visit to the doctor to be release so we could travel was not a good for us We were informed that from the lymph nodes that were removed one showed to have cancer.  Well with the cancer in his lymph nodes requires chemo treatment.  Now our plans were on hold again and we had to call and cancel our positions for the rest of the year. 

We met with the chemotherapy doctor and got informed that he would need to go through 8 treatments.  This consisted of an IV session and then two weeks on pills with one week off and then he repeats the treatment.  Therefore he will be in chemo until the end of October.

Another decision had to be made – do we stay at San Jacinto or do we find someplace to go and park for the duration.  We spoke to the park officials and they said we were welcome to stay there as long as we need and they would work with us on any and all hours that would be required of us.  They were all very helpful and concerned about what was happening to us.  We decided to stay for the time being and see how things developed as we just were not sure how Fred was going to be during Chemo.

In staying we started working on hours; as it was the end of the school year there were school tours of the USS Texas daily.  We were having anywhere for 300 – 500 kids per day visiting the ship so we were busy.

Fred has his first chemo treatment and we discovered that things were going to be rough for him.  We then talked about it again and made the decision that it would be best for us to find a RV Resort to go to so we could just relax and not have any stress of hours to have to complete.  It was a hard decision to make as we love San Jacinto and all it stands for plus we enjoyed the work with the kids but felt that this would be best.

Before we left we had one last event to complete and talk about fun – it was the Annual Bug Festival.  We have not seen so many VW Bugs in a long time, good thing we were not playing “slug bug” or we would have been black and blue.  The day brought back a lot of memories of our days as teenagers and we laugh more than we had in a long time.  Good way to end our tour at San Jacinto Battleground State Park.