Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making the best out of stumbling blocks!!!


During our stay at Bentsen, Fred had to make a trip back to Houston to complete his annual medical checkups.  During this it was discovered that he has colon caner, so life presented up with a BIG stumbling block.  His doctor wanted us to come back to Houston for an appointment with oncology to discuss what our options were so we could make some informed decisions.  On the trip we were told that he needed to have surgery to remove the cancer and that it was believed that it was only Stage II, therefore the surgery would take care of everything and we would be able to get back on the road by May.  So, based on doctor’s recommendation surgery was scheduled at the end of March.  Now we had the figure out what we were going to do, where we were going to go and had to get back to Bentsen and let them know we were going to have leave our position 3 weeks earlier than was planned.

Bentsen was very understanding and was more than willing to work with us in regards to our leaving early.  We contacted San Jacinto State Park (where we had been prior to Bentsen) and they were more than happy to have us return even though Fred was going to have surgery and be out of commission for a while.  All our problems were working out and we were now set to head back to Houston for his appointments and then surgery.

Since his first appointment was a few days off and we finished our last week at Bentsen, we decided to take those days off and just take a longer trip returning than was needed.  Fred wanted to go down memory lane, so we headed to Goose Island State Park in Rockport, Texas.  His grandfather lived there and going back was fun and interesting.  Goose Island State Park was a really unique park and we happen to be in the area during the Oyster Festival.  We parked right on the beach, watched the sunsets and sun rise each morning was breath taking and even got to continue our bird watching.  If you get the chance go visit, there are two area in which to park, one on the beach and one  back in the forest/wooded area, both were nice.

We left there and went to Spring Creek Park in Tomball for a few days until things were clear at San Jacinto.  Our move to San Jacinto was on March 10th and we settled in for  a busy time before Fred’s surgery on March 31st.  There were a number of big events coming to the park over the next few weeks and we needed to get hours in for our stay.  The USS Texas turned 100 and there was a large celebration on the 12th and then a big Festival on 15th.  Then right behind that was San Jacinto Days and the big Festival regarding the battle for independence.  That is all for my next post!!