Sunday, June 22, 2014

Easter at San Jacinto Battleground State Park


Wow, what a day.  We were told that no employee was allowed time off on Easter as the park is full.  They requested that all Park Host work that day also as they need every hand they can get and they were not kidding.  I had not see this many people in the park in all the times we had been there.  We had people lining up at the entrance gate starting at 5:00am that morning and had people jumping the fence to try to get to the spot the wanted.  It was just crazy.

Fred was about two weeks after his surgery so we got to have a Kubota and ride around for security purposes.  Later in the morning though things got crazier and I went to the road to assist with parking.  There was crushed Easter Eggs everywhere with confetti in them, there was BBQ pits everywhere and the smells in the air were wonderful.

The park provided a big Easter lunch for all of us workers that was great. 


I was impressed with all the people come the end of the day as everyone backed up and cleaned up after themselves.  Even though we worked a couple hours after the park was closed cleaning up for the most part the visitors really cleaned up after themselves.  It was an interesting, busy and fun day for Easter.