Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 2014

We stated December off in Nacogdoches/Lufkin so we took time to see some of things around there.  There is a place call Millard Historical Village that we went and spend an afternoon at.  This place has a lot of history that ties back to Houston in that Albert Thomas’ wife is the one that established the village.  It is historical homes from in and around the Nacogdoches area that she preserved and had moved to create the village.  It was interesting in that there is an old school house and the rules that had to be followed by teachers during the 20’s and rules for the students were so needed in today’s world.  The homes are all from the old Victorian Era and so are the furnishings.  We enjoyed the walk through the village and spending time talking to the manager.  Again history at its best.

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We then made our way back to Houston so we could be with our kids and grandkids for Christmas.  We went to Trader’s Village Market and RV Resort for the first two weeks.  We found the park to be really nice and was quite considering where it was located.  It also gave us a chance to try to sell the rest of things we had in storage.  After paying storage fees for over a year and not needing or missing any of the items its was time to get rid of them.  We were really surprised as we did well at the flea market and was able to go down to a 5x5 storage shed.  If you need a place to stay on the northwest area of Houston near Cypress we would recommend Trader’s Village and an extra bonus if you are there during the weekend you can get into the flea market and shop your heart’s desire.

Of course we had fun times with our grandkids.  We always have to have lunch with Kylie and Clayton at their school each time we are in town and this year we were invited to their school Christmas parties.  We also have Kylie’s cheer competitions, so we stayed busy. 

Kylie turned 7 years old this year so we also had her birthday party.  She is such a little social butterfly and got so many presents.  It is fun watching her grow up.  She is the youngest of our grandkids and we just don’t know where the time has gone.

Marlin and Judy Cook who we park hosted with at Bentsen State Park last winter was working their way down to the valley again this year so they stopped in for a visit.  We had moved over the Spring Creek again for our free week in December and they joined us there.  It was great to be with them again but was sorry that Judy had to fly back to Maine for a family problem.  We got to “babysit” Marlin though and had a great time taking him with us to church for Christmas program and then we all went to locate sport bar to watch the Texans game.  Marlin had to watch the Patriots though – lol


Trying to get all our kids and grandkids together for Christmas is getting harder each year. I have to thank Lisa (daughter-in-law) for doing such a wonderful job and getting things planned.  With some of the grandkids being in their twenties and having a son that is a firefighter it is not always easy to get schedules together.  This year we had family Christmas early on the 21st as schedules just were everywhere.  Andy fried the turkey and we all brought the sides.  The young kids exchange names and then we have a white elephant with all the older group.  As always it is fun and so wonderful to see all the kids.  Thanks again Andy and Lisa for such a wonderful job!!

With Christmas over with our family it time has come now for us to set out on the road for the next year and on to our new adventures.  We said all our goodbyes for the year and headed back to the coach to head out.  First stop – McKinney Falls State Park in Austin and Christmas Day with my cousin that lives in the area.