Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


Fred and I left Lake Fairfield and headed for the Lufkin area.  We were staying at a COE park near Huntington called Hank’s Creek.  The drive there was really neat and I drove most of the way.  Up and down hills and around curves.  I felt we were on a roller coaster most of the time but it was great and I really enjoyed getting a chance to drive the coach.  Of course all the fall color made it a neat drive also. 








Hank’s Creek was a really nice place.  Very clean with water and electric only, but the sites were roomy and had great views of Lake Rayburn.  The cell phone and WiFi service was not that great and was spotty, but the park was wonderful and quiet. 

This was our first year in the coach for Thanksgiving.  Last year we were with family in Mississippi so we really did not have Thanksgiving in our coach.  This year was just Fred and I; so I just planned Cornish Game Hens, but with all the other fixings.  It was fun cooking everything in the coach and I think I used all my cooking items, but not the stove or the oven in the coach.  I cooked the hens and dressing in the NuWave Oven and they turned out just right, used the crock pots, my electric skillet and the induction burner for everything else.  Timing was fun but all got done and we had a great Thanksgiving outside in the woods and enjoyed every minute of it. Oh and as you will see Fred worked real hard helping in finding that right football game to watch – lol.   Making memories is what all this is about.

After Thanksgiving we went into Huntington where Fred got a chance to visit with his cousin and uncle that he had not seen in a long time.  It was a great visit and interesting listening to stories and their memories of the years past. 

and the beats goes on . . . .