Thursday, December 18, 2014

November Travels–Part I

Leaving Advanced

Time has come and we are hitting the road for a month long road trip just to get out.  We have been in one place just too long while Fred went through Chemo, we just had to get away for awhile.  We made plans to hit a few state parks in the panhandle, so we are not going to leave Texas just yet.  Our plans were to go to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Caprock State Park, Abilene State Park, Fairfield Lake State Park and Mission Tejas State Park. 

We left Spring Creek Park heading to Waxahachie for our first night.  On the way a friend who was a park host at Lake Whitney State Park reminded us she was there, so we moved to Plan “B” and decided to go to Lake Whitney State Park our first night.  When we got there Shujen was still out shopping so we got our site and started hooking up for the night.  Fred tired to put out the living room slide but it just would not go out and then he notice hydraulic fluid all over the ground.  He could not find anything wrong so we decided we decided we better see about getting someone out to look at it as we did not want to “really” break it.  The park told us of a mobile RV guy they see in the park a lot so we contacted him.  He stated it would be morning before he could get out, since we were not in a hurry and if we had to stay another night so what.   The night was fun as we never got the living area slide out and with us and the three dogs it got crowded to say the least.   Jason Mobile RV Repairs was there at 8:30 am, as he said he would be, the next morning.  After checking everything out he told us the Front Ram/Slide Cylinder was broke and would have to be replaced.  He was really a great mobile repair person and showed Fred everything, got the slide out for us and pulled the part to ensure it was broken before he order it.  Well our one night stay turned into a 2 week stay at Lake Whitney State Park so now we move to Plan “C” for this trip.  We moved sites as the first site was just water/electric since we were going to be there only one night but now the stay was longer so we needed the sewer hookup.  We got moved and could not get the bedroom slide out this time.  We called Jason back out and he help us get both slides out and the jacks level as our hydraulic were all mess up.  Once we got all out and settled in and decided to make the best of where we were and started planning sightseeing trips.  To my surprise there was a lot around to see. 

Lake Whitney State Park was just wonderful and is a great place to stay for a while.  They have both just water/electric sites and FHU sites along with tents and screen shelter places.  There is a great beach area with a big picnic/day use area and one of the largest group camping area I have seen.  We were really impressed with the park and will add it to our list to park host at some point.  If you are traveling down I-35 and are looking for a place around the Hillsboro area I would highly recommend it.  Plan to stay a couple of days as you will not regret it!!

We had to find a place for Fred to watch his Texans games as there would be two Sundays and we did not get Texans games on the locate channel in Whitney – there was only the “Cowgirls” games and he was not going to have that.  Shujen showed us a local sports bar called “End Zone” which had only been open for a short period of time in Whitney so we headed there.  What a great place, the owners were Texans fans also so we had a great time watching the games with them on both Sundays.  The hamburgers there was some of the best I have ever had and were so big it was hard to eat the entire burger.  I would highly recommend you stop in there if you ever find yourself in Whitney and tell them that Fred and Charlotte sent you.

So we started sightseeing trips out in the area to see what there was.  I did not realize, but Lake Whitney is where a dam has been built across the Brazos River.  I never realized there was a dam on the Brazos, so we took off to see it.  There were numerous parks around the lake and the dam is really neat.  We were really surprise at how beautiful and unique the area was even during the middle of fall/winter.