Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coach Repair and Change of Plans

The adjuster came out to look at the coach and there was quite a bit of damage done from the tire blow-out.  Insurance company gave us the name of a few repair shops; we did our research and decided to take it to Russell's RV Repair in Conroe.  We cleared things out we would need in the house for the next few weeks as they said it would be at least three weeks in the shop.  What fun, we now get to "camp out" in the house for the next few weeks, good thing closing on the house is not until June 28th!!

Fred drove the RV and I followed him to Russell to leave "Our Oasis" for repair.  Ed and Debi Hurlburt met us there and we all headed for lunch.  You know we have only had the coach for a little while now, but leaving it was hard as it has become our home.  I will be glad when we get it back.  Fred suggested after lunch to help us get out of our blue  mood we should go ahead and drive to Livingston to Escapee RV Club and get our mail service set up.  I am glad we did and now we are official residence of the state of Texas for our travels with a Texas address.  Another step completed.

Now all our plans have been turned upside down and we needed to make phone calls to rearrange things.  We had planned to go to the state park close to my son so that he could get all of our electronic set up correctly (he is a computer engineer) and to go out with friends on a trip before we headed off to workamping.  With things getting turned around I have been doing some sub-teaching and have Fred running around doing errands and clearing up things so we can leave when we get the coach back.

Call Russell to check on the coach and Winnebago is going to have to build  a new fender so the repairs are going to take a couple of extra weeks.  Guess we need to go to plan "D" now - lol.  We are "camping" in the house as most of our stuff is in the coach.  This is giving me the time to get rid of the rest of the things in the house and to sort through things I wanted to keep and take with me.  Have place many items on craigslist hoping to get them sold; have given some things to the church; and just plain threw some things away.  Slowly but surely we are getting things cleared out and/or sold.  The house is looking empty and the dogs are acting funny as they know something is up but they are just not sure what. 
This has also given me the time to get with my son and get the equipment we need to make sure we have Internet on the road.  He has also gotten equipment that will help with our phone service so no matter where we are,  we will have good service - or at least acceptable service.  I wanted to make sure that we did have that so I could stay in touch with my grand kids and kids.  The technomads really help a lot in gathering the information and equipment that we needed.  Check out their site and  I am sure it will help.(
Now we are just waiting on the coach to get ready and then we will be off into the wild blue yonder again - well at least to Central Texas to do some workamping - but that will be our next adventure.  Happy Trails to you that are out there and always keep that smile on your face!!!