Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 13th & 14th - Trip home - What fun!!

Toledo Bend
We left early in the morning on May 13th to head home from Mississippi with plans to come straight home.  One of the beauties of having your home on wheels is if you decided to change your mind you can.  Fred & I have this "attitude" that when you make a trip somewhere you cannot make the return trip the same way - comes from Fred's mom.  In doing this you get to see more and you just never know what you can find.  So our trip home was planned through Natchez, MS to Toledo Bend to Lufkin and then home.  As we drove we decided to stop and stay at Toledo Bend for the night; I found a place through Passport America, called and they had an opening.  Website for the place looked great but when we got there it was another story.  It was not bad but not what was shown on the website.  The place was primarily set up for long-term weekend fishing camps and/or people who lived in their RV all the time with a few house trailer throughout.  Things were nice but it did not have the fishing pier that we were excited about as we planned on doing some fishing for dinner that evening.  Our dogs enjoyed it though as they played in the water getting completely soaked then ran through the woods  - what a mess. 
Toledo Bend is really a beautiful place and has some great fishing, to bad we did not have a place to fish.  The next morning after breakfast we took the dogs for another walk before we hit the road.  Meet a lady and her daughter that were out walking who lived in the park.  Her daughter raised rabbits for show and they took us over to see their rabbits.  She really had some beautiful show rabbits.
We then hit the road back home which should have only taken us three hours.  Fred decided he wanted to stop and visit a cousin in Huntington, TX  he had not seen in years, so we made the stop there.  Had a great visit with her and Fred took a walk down memory lane seeing his grandparents old house.  We all went to a real neat country café for lunch, said our goodbyes then were back on the road. 

We were within an hour of the house when all of the sudden there was a loud explosion.  Scared the dogs so bad they jumped from the couch to the dash board; I was afraid that the propane might have exploded and was gathering dog leashes and getting ready to get out with them.  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the back tire flying down the interstate - OMG - we blew a tire.  I have never heard a tire blow so loud before.  Fred pulled over and thank god for Good Sam.  We were able to get them out there, get a new tire within an hour and back on the road for home.  Fred was nervous driving but he and the dogs calmed down after a while.  The coach is bad need of repair though - when the tire blew it blew out the entire side around the wheel well and did some damage to the underside of the coach.  Contacted the insurance company and they are on the job now.  Just hope we do not get laid up for long.