Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our final blowout sale of things left in the house

Weekend of May 17th was our final sale on things in the house.  We received a full price contract on the house today so we were really excited about; we had begun to wonder if we would leave with the house still on the market but the Good Lord took care of it for us in his own time and way.  Now we can move forward to getting things sold.  I have been working all week trying to get things laid out and sorted for the sale but time sure goes fast.  I had to sub-teach on Friday so Fred was left to finish things up.  He  got us a storage shed as there were some things I wanted to go into storage - chest for grand kids graduation in a  few years and I have not finished scanning pictures.  He then put out signs for the sale starting at 8:00am tomorrow - well guess what  - he was hit by buyers while putting the signs out.  I have been texting with him all day regarding prices and he is just a selling stuff.  YEA!!!!

We still had a lot to sell - but I had high hopes that all would go well.  Things started off slow, but did pick up as the day went on.  It was not as well as I had hoped but we did sell a lot.

Two of our grand kids came and spent the night with us.  It was their first experience with an "RV" and they had a blast.  They thought sleeping in an RV was cool, but they did not want us to sell things.  Had to explain to them that we were not going to leave them but that we would be back to take them to see things also.  That seemed to be okay.  One of hardest things about going to this lifestyle is explaining it to the grand kids, especially the younger ones!
I read when you leave you can leave cards and/or little gifts with their parents so when you Skype them during your trips you can have them open the gifts at that time for a special touch.  I am also considering finding little things to send them while we are on the road about the area we are in, then Skype them so they can open it and tell them about the area.  You can make a lesson for them of your travel this way and teach them about different parts of the country.  They will learn and think it is fun - well maybe.  Either way it will help them be a part of your travels.

Sorry, side track there - back to the sale - we had it for two days and sold a lot but not enough.  I just could not believe how much stuff we had collected over the years.  Now to plan "C".  Lots for things will be given to charity and then others will be placed in consignment shops.  We are to close on the house on June 28th so lots of work to do!!!